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The testimony of some of our customers is our best guarantee!

I am the number one fan of Nargesa, no doubt about it. In my workshop at Turn 5 Fabrication, I have the Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC90 CNC and the MC650 section and pipe bending machine Nargesa, and I could not be more satisfied with the results these machines offer. The quality of the finishes and the precision in every curve are simply impressive. Every time I turn on these machines, I know I can expect exceptional results.

— Kevin Soucie (Owner)

Turn 5 Fabrication United States

I wanted to share with the entire Nargesa community some of the projects I have completed using the capabilities of the Nargesa CC90CNC Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender, some of which are related to building a bus bar. Besides, I wanted to show you that I have built a new tooling to be able to bend aluminum bar, and in this way, together with the CC90 machine we make a very good team, I am happy because it works very well!

— Justin Bammer Wiggins (Owner)

Bammerbuilt Products United States

On behalf of Marrero Monzón, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the excellent attention and service we have received during the purchase of a Hydraulic Shear C3006 CNC and a Hydraulic Punching Machine MX340G. From the moment we contacted you, we have experienced a professional and dedicated service that has exceeded our expectations. We would like to highlight the technical competence and patience of your team, who answered all our questions and concerns in a detailed manner, providing expert advice that was instrumental in making the right decision on our purchase. In addition, the punctuality in the delivery and installation of the equipment has demonstrated Nargesa's commitment to customer satisfaction. We are impressed by the robustness and precision of the machines, which meet the highest quality standards. It is a pleasure for us to have chosen Nargesa products and to have your company as a partner in our growth and development. We look forward to further cooperation in the future and will recommend your services to our colleagues and business partners.

— Manuel Marrero (Gerente)

Marrero Monzón Canary Islands

Je tiens à  remercier l'ensemble de  l'entreprise Nargesa pour leurs professionnalisme  en particulier Mr  Oscar qui ma était d'une grande aide et je tiens à préciser ma satisfaction envers leurs machines très fiables. J’ai hâte de me présenter chez vous afin de visiter votre entreprise.  Amicalement

— Hadi Benzerdjeb (Manager)

Metaforge ets Benzerdjeb Hadi Algeria

Last year, after selling my telecom company... I was wondering what to do next, and came up with the idea of going back to my roots: metal forging.

I started researching on the Internet and came across NARGESA products, which I didn't know at the time... and I quickly realized that they were good products, especially as the contact person at NARGESA spoke my language well, FRENCH... we exchanged several phone calls and e-mails and I finally placed an order for 5 machines, which arrived in Canada by boat in 2 stages.

A strapping machine, a punching machine (iron worker), a twisting machine, and the 2 other machines for hot metalworking.

Since then, I've been making my customers dream, because we've got great products... it's easy to work with NARGESA machines, and they give exceptional product quality because they're powerful, precise and efficient.

I'm 100% satisfied with these purchases... even though I'm thinking of buying a shear and a brake at a later date... but space doesn't allow it at the moment.

Thanks to NARGESA and its good products... and thanks to Mrs Juana Ponce too.

— Donald Dupuis (President/blacksmith)

Les Forges du Roi Inc. Canada

As I was planning a new project for my students that required a section bending machine, I searched Google for "best section bending machine". When the results popped up my eyes immediately focused on the red, nice looking MC650 machine from NARGESA. I contacted NARGESA for a quote and Juana Rosa Ponce replied. It was a very pleasant contact and questions were answered professionally and promptly. After making the payment the machine was on its way to PNG. When we received the MC650 we all were amazed about the quality of the product! We accomplished some projects already and I highly recommend NARGESA to those who are looking for a decent investment! The department of Design and Technology is saying THANK YOU!

— Víktor Friesen (Teacher)

Universidad de Goroka Papua New Guinea

I can proudly tell you that I have been a Nargesa customer for many years.
I bought one of the first MX300P punching machines and a MT150R twisting machine, they are probably over 30 years old and they’re still working with the same quality.
3 years ago I jumped into a new professional path, I created my own company "A Ferrum" and decided to buy other machines from the same brand, an MC150B section and tube bending machine, another MX340G hydraulic punching machine, a press brake MP3003CNC and a non-mandrel bender CC60  with its 2-axis positioning gauge. Having 100% Nargesa equipment for my workshop has allowed me to expand my clients portfolio while increasing the options to provide services.
I consider myself a top fan of Nargesa, the quality is irrefutable but what attracts me the most is its proximity and honesty. They grow more and more as a Company, but they continue to be a family business, close, with values and caring for all their clients. Quick at replying back, it's amazing how they look after even the smallest details in their daily work, which is really what makes them grow tighter bonds with customers. It's hard for me to find a company with similar characteristics and that has been taking care of not only its clients, but also its staff for so long.
A few days ago, in one of my many visits, I joked and told them that I would tattoo Nargesa's name on my arm!!! Hahaha
It’s crystal clear to me, I’m 100% Nargesa!

— Jonathan Jiménez (Owner)


First, thanks to Nargesa team for this great Hydraulic Press Brake MP3003 CNC.
When buying a new machine for our productive process, we have a certain number of procedures that we must have in consideration and evaluate the different solutions on the market. That said, with Nargesa all went very smoothly, and the communication was always very clear regarding the capabilities of their machine.
After the pre-decision to buy the machine, we visited Nargesa premises to validate technical doubts and possibilities. Along my visit I could overview the professionalism and dedication of the staff in their different roles on the construction of the machines.
On of the more decisive aspects in this purchase, is the fact that Nargesa does almost everything in house (mechanic construction, automation, wiring...) which enables the highest quality control of the production of their machines.
Overall, we are very satisfied with the purchase that we’ve made with Nargesa, expecting to have them as our technological partner in this kind of machines, stating my special thanks to Oscar and Artur for all their cooperation and proficiency.

— Rui Capela (Project manager)

Capela & filhos Portugal

I was looking at many pipe benders from many different companies but was unable to find one that would work with my current pipe dyes that was until I stumbled across Nargesa CC90 Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for I sent an email one afternoon and the next morning I came into a reply from Juana. Juana and myself communicated from several months and Juana answered every single one of my questions. When it came to shipping, I received all the photos and videos of the machine in operation I requested, and nothing was ever too hard for them. When the machine arrived, I was able to use WhatsApp and have a video call with Artur one of the technicians to get the machine operational and have been able to continue the communication with them both ever since. I would highly recommend Nargesa and will defiantly be making more purchases in the future.

— Ross Brown (CEO)


My company Q-müvek is based in Hungary, I have bought several Nargesa machines: MC650 Section bending machine, 700 hMXydraulic punching machine and CC90 non-mandrel bending machine and I am very happy with the result they are giving me, they are helping me to improve our quality products.

I want to highlight the good accompaniment during the purchase process which was fully supported by Oscar and also the after-sales service done by Artur, at all times they are at my disposal to help me in whatever is necessary. Oscar did a wonderful job before and after sales, being always there to help if needed. 

Thank you all Nargesa team for the high level of service, I hope our long term business relationship will be very successful.

— Zoltán Kozma (owner)

Q-müvek. Hungary

At Kachembo we are very happy and proud to have Nargesa as a business partner in Mexico. Being the exclusive dealers of an internationally renowned brand gives us the support, solidity and responsibility to offer the best quality machinery for different sectors in our country, a great advantage for our clients is focused on the fast contact, quoting and following-up by the entire team in Mexico and Spain; It is very important to mention the prompt solution to any arising incident of any kind at any machine, in addition to the fact that we share the same language and that makes it easier for us in every way. We already have several years of direct relationship with Nargesa, which has allowed us to strengthen business relationships and keep us updated on the new products offered to a constantly changing market. The more than 50 years of experience of our partner and the 3-year warranty on any machinery, allows us to be a benchmark in the metal deformation machinery branch in Mexico.

— Mario Ceceña (CEO)

Kachembo SA de CV Mexico

Our company Gala Metal & Design srl based in Romania, has bought several Nargesa machines: Iron embossing machine NOA60, Furnace H2, End Wrought Iron machine NF70, Twisting machine MT150A and we are very happy with the result they are giving us, they are helping us to improve our production.
We want to highlight the good accompaniment during the purchase process that the commercial department of Prada Nargesa did and also the after-sales service, at all times they are at our disposal to help us in whatever is necessary. Mr. Oscar did an excellent job and accompanied us throughout the purchase process. We are very grateful to him. 
Thank you all Nargesa team for the high level of service that only improved with the years passing.

— Adrian Galalae (Owner)

Gala Metal & Design SRL Romania

I’m so happy that I opted for this NARGESA brand in acquiring CNC Press Brake, Shearing and Non Mandrel Pipe Bender. Even if I have no experience with this brand, since I found this only from searching the internet, I have a high hope for the quality of these European machines which did not disappoint. On behalf of Newcore Industries, I would like to say that we are very satisfied with these machines. Even though the price is on the high side compared to the machines from China, there are no regrets in paying the premium. I can imagine based on the initial operation, these machines will last longer and will give an accurate and precise finished products. The mere fact that the warranty is longer, NARGESA is so confident on their products. The machines are so easy to operate because of the technology they have. No waste of time and materials because you can program the operation automatically and you can simulate the process before the start of production. The graphic aid of the CNC is superb not to mention remote monitoring feature of these machines.

— Daniel de Jesus (General Manager)

Newcore Industries Philippines

The MP3003CNC Press Brake is very easy to work with.
When I need help, the technician responsible for the brand is always available to help.
The software is very intuitive and easy to use.

— Luís Silva (Metallic Structures Technician)

SPMaq Portugal

Hi Oscar, I just finished installing it and testing the accessories. The truth is that it went beyond my expectations. As things of fate, he wanted it delivered to me on December 24. It was like a Santa Claus’ gift.
I confess that when I saw the truck I already had a lump in my throat and I began to endure the emotion. But after unpacking I couldn’t hold myself anymore, my children wererecording and immediately uploaded it.
I started very low with the company and each goal I achieve generates a lot of emotion in me.
This machine is something I longed for about 6 years ago.
Today I woke up very early as a small child with his brand new toy and I came to install it. I have a lot of perforated and cut plates, haha.
I do not want to extend anymore because it got me chilled.
I just want to thank you for your patience in listing. In all export work and advice.
I want you to give my greetings and hugs to each member of the company. You can see in the machine that it is made with a lot of love.
Without further ado, just thank you to your team.
I had my best Christmas in years and I hope you guys have the best year of your lives. They are the best.
Greetings from a proud and happy MX700 owner

— Alexander Moreira (Owner)

Trailersuy Uruguay

Our cooperation with Prada Nargesa takes incessantly since 2008. It was a great enjoyment to became their trading partners and representing the brand as an authorized distributor and service on the territory of Poland. From the very beginning we admired their power of knowledge and commitment that led to great and innovative technological solutions. In addition to being professional Prada Nargesa offers friendly care over his partners. You can always count on their individual help. Prada Nargesa has also a very extensive bank of documentation and technical aids. Each contact is a friendly and solid conversation.
Cooperation with Prada Nargesa has a great importance in the growing of our company. Regarding to the effectiveness of partnership between the Maqstock Polska and Nargesa we can help in the development of technological solutions for companies from many industries. Hundreds of machines and tools sold in Poland is a huge proof of the success of this cooperation.
With full responsibility we can recommend products and cooperation with Prada Nargesa.

— Tomasz Wysocki (CEO)

Maqstock Polska Poland

Prada Nargesa, perfect rolling, my machine is MC 400 and my sons who operate it call it “the Spanish one”. I am looking for another Spanish one, but for tube bending in degrees and it would be the ideal complement. I want to continue working with Praga Nargesa because when I decided to buy my MC 400 it was my first experience at importing with fear, however the happy ending came because the company fulfilled me.


— Guillermo Oro (Owner)

Multiservicios y Estructuras Metálicas Oritos Peru

Our company supplies electrical equipment to Russian enterprises. We have been in the market for more than 6 years and we work with both companies and direct end users.
Our  product is copper-containing equipment (flexible copper sheet). We have our own production of flexible copper sheets and transition plates using new technologies.
We are always ready to help and answer any questions.
Our main task is not to sell but to help solve problems. Even if we are unable to provide the customer with any equipment, we are happy to advise how and where to purchase it.
We are very happy with the MX340G Nargesa Hydraulic Punching Machine, we take advantage of it a lot.
In general, with our hydraulic punching press machine we bend and cut the copper angles but we also make other types of pieces according to our customer’s needs. The entire purchase process and the care received by the Nargesa team has been perfect.
Thank you!

— Yuriy Dobrotin (CEO)

Life Electro Russia

Nargesa technical service. Press brake: year of manufacture 2001

I want to thank the readiness and efficiency of your technical service.
Yesterday I asked for help by sending an email, and this morning one of your technicians contacted me by phone and by phone he solved the problem for me.
The skill, expertise, control, knowledge and excellent manners of your technician have been outstanding.
Thank you very much for your effectiveness  and congratulations on having such a technician.
Kind regards
Pablo Vivas

— Pablo Vivas (CEO)

CBET Decoración SL Spain

Having a manufacturer that you can trust and rely on is incredibly important in the Metal Working Industry. We, Quantum Machinery Group, feel extremely fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to handle Nargesa’s entire line of metal working and ornamental metal working machinery for the U.S. market. Nargesa’s technical support is second to none and they are incredibly accommodating to most any request. We have also found that Nargesa is uniquely quick to respond to an ever-changing marketplace, Nargesa’s product lines are constantly evolving and they always have a variety of product options ranging from introductory products to high-end units and accessories that fit all of our customer’s essential and custom needs. There’s definitely something to say about a manufacturer who will back up every single one of the products that they manufacture with a 3-year warranty on parts – it truly does show that they produce nothing but quality and stand behind their product 110%. We especially love that all of Nargesa’s new products are thoroughly vetted before they even leave the manufacturing warehouse and their tech support is always available, patient and willing to go above and beyond to help our customers with any eventual issue. It is a delight to have Nargesa as a partner, and Quantum Machinery Group looks forward to continuing our relationship with Nargesa for countless years to come.

— Albert Solano (Sales Director)

Quantum Machinery Group United States

We started a new tent manufacturing business, so we needed the machinery that could press and make the hole in metal tubes.
We know that the Nargesa company produces machinery and tooling with long life and easy to use, it is the company we trust, so we bought a hydraulic punching machine MX340G with the pipe end forming die.
It is simple and of excellent performance, the punching machine is the guarantee for our company to produce an effective growth. The shipment has been very fast and without setbacks.
Of course, in the future we plan to expand and use more Nargesa machinery and tools

— Tadas Valkiūnas (Director)

UAB Termoinžinerija Lithuania

We bought the Twisting machine MT150A from Nargesa after an impressive visit to their factory in Girona, Spain.
The machine is simple to install and operate.
It has been very instrumental in improving the quality of our products, diversified our product range and improved our speed and efficiency.
We are very happy with it. We plan to get various machines from Prada Nargesa  in future to improve our production capacity and expand our market share.
Thanks and Kind Regards,

— Samuel Lutalo (Manager)

Infinite Steel Limited Uganda

We think it is a machine of excellent quality and with an unbeatable price; We consider this as a very good acquisition. The service from the first contact was affable and very concerned, until the post sale, of our entire satisfaction.

We bought in Nargesa in 2013, a CNC cutter C3006, a CNC press brake MP3003, a hydraulic punching machine MX700, and we are very satisfied with the capacity and the quality / price ratio of our 3 machines. To complete our manufacturing range, we ordered at the beginning of 2014, still in NARGESA, an MC200 hydraulic bending machine.
Deliveries were made on time, without any problem.
As agreed, a senior technician traveled to receive training.
At any time we can contact Nargesa Spain, making sure to get almost instantaneous answers to all our questions.
We congratulate NARGESA for the quality of its production, its elegant design, the great reactivity and the professionalism of its customer service.

— Michel Bogos (President)

S.A.S. BOGOS France

I am very satisfied with the NARGESA machines in terms of quality and price. I congratulate all the team, administrative and technical that are open to the manufacture of machines. A big greeting to the founder of this company that is NARGESA Mr. Prada.

— Moussa Bouragba (General Director)


I created my company in 1977 as a reseller for the ESAB welding product. I currently work alone with my wife, since the beginning of the year I am retired and I work more than 3 days a week.
As for the NARGESA machine that I bought, I must say that it is very well finished, robust and easy to use, with good value for money.

— René Thueler (General Director)

René Thueler Switzerland

We have verified with satisfaction that the profile bending machine that we have acquired from Nargesa meets our expectation of quality and robustness.

Likewise, the attention received was agile and cordial, so the doors of this new link will remain open.

We acquired an MX340G punching machine and the truth, the quality of it and the attention that they have given us, as advice and supply of additional dies, has left us very satisfied.
For this year we have budgeted to expand our industry and acquire a folding machine from the same parent company

— Alvaro Valbuena C. (Commercial Administrator)

Monfer Ltda. Colombia

For more than 3 years, our company has been using Nargesa machinery for cutting, bending and metal cutting processes. The results have been completely satisfactory. The equipment is robust, precise and intuitive to operate. The after-sales service is excellent and the few inconveniences experienced have been quickly solved by their excellent technical support. We will continue acquiring Nargesa equipment.

— Carlos Fantini (Production Manager)

Amoblamientos Fantini S.A. Costa Rica

The company NARGESA gives us complete satisfaction. The machines have a very good quality / price / equipment ratio! It is a pleasure to distribute these 100% European manufacturing machines! We know we can count on technical service when necessary.

— Jean Christophe (Manager)


The MC400 bending machine is an excellent machine, very happy with it, we are about to order the punching machine because the quality convinced us.

— IGN Jose Basilio Alvarez Cardenas (Owner and director)

Carrocerías y maquilas de sinaloa Mexico

Myself, Ivan Pinto, owner of the company La Herradura Ornamental Forge dedicated to the fabrication of wrought iron accessories, we are located in Sangolqui ,  Ecuador.
We work with machines that we have bought from Nargesa, I can say that these machines are of very good quality of excellent performance, the treatment we have received from Nargesa was excellent at  both moments, before buying their machines and after we have bought them. The technical tips we received, and the technical support was really efficient, therefore if someone is thinking of buying Nargesa machines they can do it with total confidence, I have nothing else to do but thank their CEO David Prada for his concern about the proper functioning of all machines.
Without any further comment, receive my very best regards.
Iván Pinto

— Iván Pinto (Manager)

La herradura, forja ornamental Ecuador

At METAL BOARD SAC we are specialized in the commercialization and manufacturing of electrical and mechanical products and services.
In the production area of METAL BORD SAC we have three NARGESA machines of Spanish manufacturing, by means of which  we carry out all the production processes for the manufacture of our products. These machines have a top quality finish and great robustness.

— Wilver Mamani (CEO)

Metal Board SAC Peru

The machines we bought from you are working very well. We are satisfied with the results.
Keep on doing good!.
It has already been a year since we have the MC400 bender and the MT500, they are really easy to handle and very strong and resistant.
Our customers are satisfied with the work and we deeply thank Nargesa.

Marceau-Gilis de Cumont Jean Louis Victo Côte d’Ivoire

Thank you very much. I got the machine with all the requested accessories.
Truly thanked to you  and all your team, it has been a great pleasure to have ordered the MC-150 B from you. May GOD help you in all your steps, your know-how and to keep your team strongly united.
Thank you
Tel: 230-6222168 Fax: 230-6227521
Mobile: 57369029
Email: [email protected]

— Alain Townsend (Manager)


I want to thank the whole Nargesa team for their professionalism and for the wonderful machines they manufacture. I have 5 NARGESA machines that I bought with the help of Ansej in Algeria and I am really glad with them.
Moreover I had the chance to do an internship at NARGESA facilities in Spain to do the Training and also see other NARGESA machines that I want to buy in order to complete my workshop.

We have taken advantage of one of the products of the company NARGESA. It is the MC150B a section bending machine which has been very useful to help on the manufacturing of the different musical instruments by our company.
Apart from having a good product, we liked the fast, fluid and good service Nargesa provides from its country.

I forward you my opinion and our teacher’s, for the satisfaction of the easy handling of these machines along with the perfection of the work done.
Students quickly learn to handle them manually.
Since this is a technical school, each job is special and different.
I must tell you that the machines continue to be as brand new, since we take good care of them, the students love them and take advantage of them.
We have not done serial works for outsiders, there is an architect who works with tubes, on rails, stairs ... and he rather does the bending operations here.
The people of companies that visit us, are amazed at the machines in a school like ours.
The Professor that appears is very young but he’s too skillful.
He is Mr Camilo Núñez, a former student of our school.

— Francisco Bozal (Director)

Escuela Industrial Ernesto Bertelsen Temple Afghanistan

Last year we purchased the BM25 Broaching Machine from Quantum Machinery. With the BM25, we are now able to broach more accurately, more securely and more quickly. Ultimately that greatly impacts our operations – all the while putting at the forefront the safety of our employees. Our Sales Engineer, Tony Solano, was able to help us evaluate what we were looking for in a machine and help us get the unit that best met our needs. I would not hesitate to purchase another Nargesa machine out of the ones Quantum has got in stock.

— Bill Chadwick (Maintenance Manager)

Madison Environmental Resources, Inc. United States

Good morning dear, my family and I already consider you a virtual friend, that when I was inquiring about machines due to my concerns, I found the NARGESA brand and I started to dream about having it. After a few months waiting and hearing people wondering how I could do purchasing business in this way, on Monday my machine arrived in the province where I live. I thank God and ask to continue in virtual contact with you. As soon as I have availability I will be ordering rollers for round tubes. Our project also continues to have pipe bender.

— Guillermo Oro (Owner)

Multiservicios y Estructuras Metálicas Oritos Peru

PRADA NAGRESA did a wonderful job in providing us with what we need. They have supplied us with high quality machine that addressed our utmost requirement in a short span of time. Aside from this, "after-sales" support was promising. It only took us one mail for them to fix and solve even the smallest concerns. Our team is very satisfied with the kind of professionalism and good quality products PRADA is giving.

— Richard Alvin M. Plata (Executive Secretary)

Compras de CLIC Qatar Trading Co. Qatar

I bought a bending machine from Nargesa and I am very pleased with it. It is very well constructed and it works very well.


All communication with Nargesa has been friendly and helpfull in every way.

Vélaverkstæðið Árteigi Iceland

We bought Nargesa MT 150,A. it s a great machine with lot of quality tool and we use it in our production. In one word, good , effective and not so expensive machine.

— Dominik Tkalec (Director)

JVM Metalik Croatia

“We found that machine we bought ( Nargesa MC400-9) fulfill quality demand for our products".

— Toni Basic (Director)

Vigab Verkstadsindustri AB. Sweden

We bought our MC400 two years ago to our big satisfaction. We use it for custom made equipment for yacht's , mostly stainless tubing. There have been no problem's with the equipment at all , and  the serviceminded and pleasant people's in Prada Nargesa have impressed, and inspired us , both with the machinery and personally achievement .

— Hans Gerlach Sorensen (Director)

Ship-Shape Norway

We bought a section bending machine MC200 and a twisting & scrolling machine MT150A and we are really satisfy with them. Their performance is excellent and the service provided by CAD INDIA also is very good.

I recommend to buy these machines for the design furniture manufacturers due to various applications performed by them.

— Sanjay Jain (Design Director)

Hans India

"I been dealing with this company for a number of years and no matter what nothing is a problem to them. Their products are excellent and the back up is first class"

— Brendan Carleton (Director)

BMC Equipment and Tools Ireland

Very Much Satisfied with the Products. Goodluck and keep up the Good Job!!!

— Issa Ahmed (Managing Director)

Simco Industrial Machinery Trade Company United Arab Emirates

Nargesa is a professional company, and they know their work in depth. Their research on their machines is complete, simple and practical. We have bought some machines from Nargesa and we hope that we continue buying machines from them for our forth coming projects and production. Undoubtedly, they are professional.

— Habib Kothari (Director)

K-Steel Kuwait

I am very much happy to express my view about the functioning of the NARGESA Section bending machine MC-200 purchased from his company's representative in India, CAD INDIA from Pune.

Initially we were not aware about the strength of the machine with 1.5 H.P. motorized gear box installed. However we were surprised when one of our clients came with 30mm x 30mm S.S. Solid bar for bending circle which was done by us with the help of the machine so easily and we realised the real strength of the machine.

— Clifford Francis D'costa (Director)

Rosina Fabricators India

We purchase a metal Twisting machine from Prada Nargesa,S.L. in 2011.

We were very pleased with the price quoted and the machine was delivered within 2 weeks.

We would highly recommend Nargesa to anyone in the metal fabrication business, their service was second to none.

— Rob Warren (Director)

Premier Gate Automation LTD. United Kingdom

We received our Nargesa machine, a CNC hydraulic sheer press just a few weeks ago and we can recommend the kind, fast and professional service of Nargesa. The machine fits our needs closely and the manufacturing quality is good as well.

We have been using the Nargesa MC200 H  bending machine for pipe bending projects. I've found the machine through the internet, and when I got contact with Nargesa, they were very helpful,and the communication was very easy. I got all the details that I needed. After ordering my machine, Everything happend as they described before. And finally, the machine arrived on the exact time as they told me.

I've found that using the exact diameters of rollers for  pipes, gives us the oppurtunity to bend without any damage on the surface, wich is important if we working with stainless steel!

The MC 200 H is the right machine to get the job done!

The MC200 has been an essential tool to my Company. I specialize in Decorative Gates, Beds, Tables & more. With this Machine I'm able to form beautiful arches & Complete Circles out of steel that I normally would not be able to do. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the Service Juana Provided and the outstanding power this machine puts out! I will be coming in a few weeks hopefully to tour the facility and see what other great machines this company makes! Thanks Nargesa!

— Matt Rios (Owner)

Matt's Custom Welding United States

My name is Chadi Wakim from Lebanon, my company name is wakim metal, after a big research that i made  in wrought iron machines, i went china, turkey ... I bought NARGESA machines because i found that NARGESA has the best quality with the best prices,  we are using it and satisfied from the result and service. thank you.

— Chadi Wakim (Owner)

Wakim Metal Lebanon

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