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Horizontal Press Brakes

Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake PP200CNC

BRAND NEW 20 ton Nargesa PP200CNC Horizontal Press Brake. Includes CNC Control Panel with the latest 4.0 technology, for a more comfortable and accurate regulation. It allows us to carry out different operations such as bending, folding, cutting, cold shaping, expand and reduce tubes, notching, inlaying, assemble... with maximum precision and speed

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Automated Gauge for the PP200CNC Horizontal Press Brake

ALL-NEW positioner stop for the PP200 CNC horizontal bending press: Optimized resources, maximum profitability and operational efficiency guaranteed. The positioner stop minimizes manual interventions all while increasing productivity and reducing the time it takes for positioning in different cycles. It offers simple and accessible programming, ESA S625 CNC control, connectivity, 4.0 technology, safety, durability, reliability, two speeds and the utmost precision.

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The versatility of the 20 Tons, Horizontal Press Brake Nargesa PP200CNC  allows us to bend, fold, bend, cut, form, enlarge and reduce flaring, swaging, assembling ... all kinds of metal materials such as iron, steel, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum etc ...

Control Panel is very intuitive and easy to handle, with the latest 4.0 technology and a more comfortable and accurate regulation. Its simplicity when it comes to work and its easy handling so users can adapt their forming dies make this Horizontal Press machine to be indispensable in any kind of business from small workshops to large companies.

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