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Nargesa Clients

PRADA NARGESA has got more than 8,500 clients around the world and we take advantage of that to start this new project!

Some of our clients, those who offer service to third parties with the Nargesa machinery in their workshops, have loved the idea to be part of this network that aims to connect them with possible future clientele.

Thus, all those people or companies that need parts that can be manufactured with the Nargesa range of machinery, will find them in their area in order to satisfy their production needs by hiring their services.

Nargesa does not offer you the service for your work, but it does give you the opportunity that, among our clients, you could find someone who does undertake your project.

We’d like to thank all those who in one way or another have wanted to be part of this initiative! And we want to encourage all those who have not yet done so, to participate in this great commercial network! To do so, you just have to send an email to [email protected]  and we will include you in this list.

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