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In order to offer a better understanding of the operation and possibilities of the machines we manufacture, we have filmed these demonstration videos as a complement to the instruction books and the catalogs of all our range machinery.
We also display some of our customer’s videos where they are working with their Nargesa machines, making special pieces and showing their skills and creativity.

Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders CC60 and CC90 CNC

We display of how to make railings, bend square tubes, different ways of calculating tube developments, the manufacture of several parts for different applications: bicycle parking, stainless pool handrails, Can-am buggy window frames, boat handrail, bed bases, bumper for 4x4 car ... advantages of the 4.0 technology, the offset head, the right and left turn switch, the use of the two-axis positioning stop, how to set up the different dies for an accurate bending, the endless CNC applications...


Embedded thumbnail for Los embajadores Nargesa en el mundo

Success stories Nargesa, are our best endorsement

It is very important for us to count on our customers’ opinion about us, our product and our service, the warranty and...

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Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders

We manufacture countless parts with the new generation of non-mandrel pipe and tube benders CC60 and CC90 CNC...

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70 Tons Hydraulic Punching Press

There is a wide spectrum of possibilities this machine can offer, it is similar to an eccentric press or mechanical press...

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MX340 40 ton punching machine

We display the great versatility of the MX340 multifunction punching machines by putting them to work and manufacturing a large number...

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Section bending machines with two driving rollers

We show you how to make countless circular pieces in different tubes and metal profiles: railings for spiral staircases, spirals...

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