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In order to offer a better understanding of the operation and possibilities of the machines we manufacture, we have filmed these demonstration videos as a complement to the instruction books and the catalogs of all our range machinery.
We also display some of our customer’s videos where they are working with their Nargesa machines, making special pieces and showing their skills and creativity.


7 Videos
The Nargesa Ambassadors around the World

Videos of success stories Nargesa, are our best endorsement

It is very important for us to count on our customers’ opinion about us, our product and our service, the warranty and...

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2 Videos
Video: Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders

Videos of non-mandrel tube and pipe benders

We manufacture countless parts with the new generation of non-mandrel pipe and tube benders CC60 and CC90 CNC...

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12 Videos
MX700 - MX700 Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine by Prada Nargesa

Videos of 70 Tons Hydraulic Punching Press

There is a wide spectrum of possibilities this machine can offer, it is similar to an eccentric press or mechanical press...

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27 Videos
MX340G - Universal Punching Machine

Videos of MX340 40 ton punching machine

We display the great versatility of the MX340 multifunction punching machines by putting them to work and manufacturing a large number...

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6 Videos
MC150B - How to Bend Pipes - Bending Video Tutorial

Videos of section bending machines with two driving rollers

We show you how to make countless circular pieces in different tubes and metal profiles: railings for spiral staircases, spirals...

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11 Videos

Videos of three-roll drive bending machines.

We show you how to make countless circular pieces in different metal tubes and profiles: handrails for stairs...

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13 Videos
PP200 - Complete Tutorial on Accessories for the PP200CNC Horizontal Folding Press

Videos showcasing the versatility of the Horizontal Folding Press.

We demonstrate several tooling options attached to the PP200 horizontal folding press in operation...

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2 Videos
MP3003CNC - Sheet Metal Folding Machine

Videos to learn how to fold sheet metal easily.

We explain visually how to perform a large number of operations: Folding sheet metal of different lengths and thicknesses...

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1 Videos
Vertical hydraulic shears for cutting.

Videos of cutting sheet metal easily and quickly.

How to cut sheet metal easily and quickly? In this video, we show the new concept of Nargesa hydraulic shears...

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2 Videos
BM25 - New Broaching machine

Videos of creating keyways or keyseatings.

How to create keyways or keyseatings in all types of pieces, straighten, unblock rusted pieces...

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2 Videos
NOA60 - Cold engraving machine.

Videos of cold iron engraving.

In these short films, we demonstrate the operation of the NOA60 cold iron engraving machine and its extensive catalog of rollers...

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4 Videos
Incredible Propane H2 Forge Oven.

Videos of heating iron with forge furnaces.

In these video tutorials, we show some of the applications, the lighting process, and the main features of forge furnaces for heating iron...

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2 Videos
MP60 - Demonstration with tools.

Videos of Hammers for Hot Forging.

A professional blacksmith reveals his tricks for forging ornamental pieces with the Nargesa pneumatic hammer...

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4 Videos
NF70 - Hot forging tips

Videos of hot ornamental forging

In these demonstrative videos, we show hot forging machines shaping, flattening, rolling, and more...

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9 Videos
MT500A - Twisting / Scroll Bending Machines

Videos of cold iron forging.

We showcase a large number of ornamental cold forged pieces and their shaping using Nargesa cold forging torsion machines...

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1 Videos
PI85 -Hydraulic Press for Locks

Videos of punching locks

Punching locks has never been so quick and easy! In this audiovisual we show the steps...

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