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Industrial machinery

Ironworker Machines

40 Tons and 70 Tons Hydraulic Ironworker Machines


Ring roller bender and section bending machines

Get the best Ring roller bender and section bending machines. Premium quality 3 years warranty. The presicion and strength your project requires.


Digital Radius Gauge

These instruments are used to measure the radii of the parts that we are bending in a quick and exact way.


Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders

The new generation of Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders can bend up to 180º curves on hollow profiles ensuring the best bent finishes


Twisting / Scroll Bending Machines

Scroll Machine for Artistic cold Forging


Horizontal Press Brakes

Horizontal press brake Nargesa PP200CNC multifunction


End Wrought Iron Machines

End Hot Forging Machines PC16 and NF70


Gas Forges

NEW forging furnaces 1, 2 and 3 burners


Iron embossing machines

Iron embossing machine NOA60 for Artistic cold Forging


Power Hammers

Power hammer for Artistic Forging 60 Kg.


Hydraulic Shear Machines

Vertical cut hydraulic guillotines


Hydraulic Press Brakes

CNC Prerss Brakes


Presses For Locks

Fast and accurate perforation of the lock case, handle and lock hole in pipe. Suitable for 85% of locks models in the market.


Broaching Machines

Broaching machine to make keyways up to 25mm


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Sale of industrial machinery for various sectors and applications

At Nargesa, we introduce new models to the market every year, meeting the demands of our customers. Currently, we offer 26 different models of iron deformation machines, divided into 14 categories:

Distributors of industrial machinery worldwide

At Prada Nargesa, we have distributors for our industrial machinery in most countries around the world.

Manufacturers of industrial machinery

Being manufacturers, we maintain a constant stock of all our machines and the tooling that complements them. This allows us to provide fast and quality service. Our goal is to make the customer feel supported at all times by our sales team, after-sales agents, and technical service, and to have robust, reliable, and innovative machinery at their disposal.

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