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Industrial machinery products

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Ironworker Machines

40 Tons and 70 Tons Hydraulic Ironworker Machines


Ring roller bender and section bending machines

Get the best Ring roller bender and section bending machines. Premium quality 3 years warranty. The presicion and strength your project requires.


Digital Radius Gauge

These instruments are used to measure the radii of the parts that we are bending in a quick and exact way.


Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders

The new generation of Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders can bend up to 180º curves on hollow profiles ensuring the best bent finishes


Twisting / Scroll Bending Machines

Scroll Machine for Artistic cold Forging


Horizontal Press Brakes

Horizontal press brake Nargesa PP200CNC multifunction


End Wrought Iron Machines

End Hot Forging Machines PC16 and NF70


Gas Forges

NEW forging furnaces 1, 2 and 3 burners


Iron embossing machines

Iron embossing machine NOA60 for Artistic cold Forging


Power Hammers

Power hammer for Artistic Forging 60 Kg.


Hydraulic Shear Machines

Vertical cut hydraulic guillotines


Hydraulic Press Brakes

CNC Prerss Brakes


Presses For Locks

Fast and accurate perforation of the lock case, handle and lock hole in pipe. Suitable for 85% of locks models in the market.


Broaching Machines

Broaching machine to make keyways up to 25mm


In Prada Nargesa we entirely design and manufacture all our range of industrial machinery at our facilities under our technical team’s supervision. Every year we launch new models to market covering customers’ demand. We currently have 26 different models of machines for the deformation of iron which are divided into 11 categories.

Among our most demanded machines there are the NARGESA profile formers machines distinguished by their high dragging capacity and bending diameters. Among them, the bending machine MC400 with three traction rollers is ideal for making rails, chairs, doors, tables, greenhouses, spiral pipe, flanges for pipes, spiral staircases and windows. The new generation of CC60 and CC90 Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders can bend up to 180º curves on hollow profiles ensuring the best bent finishes in today’s market.Our 40 and 70 Tons Iron workers are two of the most complete machines we produce, since they can be adapted almost any type of tooling to produce countless pieces and perform many operations such as cutting, bending, stamping, boring, pressing, flaring or fold. Hydraulic punching machine MX340G is highly versatile and easy to use, besides it’s got the possibility to manufacture special parts for specific dies. The NARGESA’s twisting machines in their three models allow making  a lot of pieces of ornamental wrought iron railings and fences from up tables, chairs, doors and windows. One, the Automatic twisting machine MT150A is well-known by its large capacity at twisting and bending bars into different types of profiles.

In our range of heavy machinery have vertical cut hydraulic shears in two models of different cutting lengths. There are also the noteworthy ones Hydraulic Press Brakes with two different lengths. Fitted with high-specification CNC control, the operation of these complex machines is now easier and more intuitive than ever before.

The vertical broaching machine BM25 allows all types of keyways and slots in different parts of metal. The hydraulic punch lock shapers for drilling locks quickly and accurately, the casing box, the handle and lock hole in hollow pipe.

Within the hot forging machines we include End Hot Wrought Iron Machine PC16 winding the end of the spiral-shaped bars and End Hot Wrought Iron Machine NF70 molding and crushes the iron bars to get all kinds of ways or shapes in the middle. In another category there are the 60Kg hot forging power hammers for the forging of parts with their large catalog of tools designed to make a great number of ornamental wrought iron pieces. The perfect complement to hot forging machines are the gas forges provided with one, two or four burners that provide high temperatures quickly.

In Prada Nargesa we count on a great deal of distributors of our industrial machinery in most countries around the world. As manufacturers we have a constant stock of all our machines and optional tooling that complement them, this allows us to provide a fast and quality service. Our goal is to make the customers feel supported by our team of commercial agents after sales service and technical assitance so they could have access to robust, reliable and innovative machinery.

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