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Frequently asked questions about Nargesa

In this section we have joined the most common inquiries from our customers regarding our machinery, available services once it has been bought, guaranty and any other issue dealing with the different items from our range, like how to buy, payment terms, etc… in such way that they can solved any of the most common doubts that emerge when buying through internet.

How to purchase a Nargesa machine?

There are 6 simple steps to follow to buy a NARGESA product, from the quotation request up to the starting up of the machine.


Technical assistance

Under this subtitle we offer the possibility to know how our technical assistance service works. the accessibility to it and readiness to solve out any inquiry or incidence that any of our customers may have, no matter where he is.


Nargesa Warranty

We expose in here the warranty time with which we sell our machines and what it includes, so the customer is informed about such information.


When will I get my machine?

It depends far much on the destination country. Click here at the bottom and you will find a PDF file with the destination seaport and transsit time to more than 120 different countries.


How do I pay my orders?

There are two payment terms, by Bank Transfer or L/C once the machines are ready for delivery.



It's an useful informative section to know the kind of packaging our machines are delivered with, suitable for sea freights, according to the current safety regulations and ensuring total quality of the merchandise from departure up to destination.


How are Nargesa products?

Chapter where we indicate the basic steps to purchase any of our products, with all conditions on it, payment terms, transport means, starting up, etc..that is to say all the purchasing process step by step.


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