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How to purchase a Nargesa machine?

* How's the purchasing process?

The process procedure is very simple:

1. Send a contact mail informing the items you are concerned about.  (It's very important to fill up all compulsory fields.)

2. Next you will receive an offer with the quotation for the different machines or tooling we manufacture at the INCOTERM you have requested.

  • EXWORKS: At our facilities. Nargesa sets the goods at the buyer's disposal ready for collection at our facilities. The purchaser organizes transport.
  • FOB BARCELONA: Nargesa will run with transport up to the vessel indicated by the buyer. (Free on Board)
  • CFR: Nargesa runs with transport of the goods up to the destination seaport agreed by the customer. (Cost and Freight)
  • CIF: NARGESA will run with all expenses, including shipment and insurance until the goods are at the destination seaport. Although the insurance will be at Nargesa's cost, the beneficiary will be the purchaser.

Like the previous one  INCOTERM, CFR, the risk will be transferred to the purchase once the goods are into the vessel, at the origin country. The  INCOTERM CIF is one of the most commonly used in internationsl commerce since the conditions of a CIF price are the ones that indicate the imports value at customs.

3. If you agree with the quotation, please send us an email to confirm you  accept the offer. We will then as soon as possible prepare a proforma invoice for you with all the purchasing terms on it and the banking details where you will be able to transfer the money into.

4. Once this payment has been made, by bank transfer or L/C, we will then proceed with delivery according to the terms agreed in the proforma: EXWORKS, FOB, CFR or CIF.

5. Once the goods are shipped, we will proceed to the mailing of the requirement documents (invoice, delivery notes, B/L, insurance etc. for the customs clearance. (by DHL o UPS)

6. Contact between Nargesa and the customers is constant until the machines are at the customers' facilities.

*What happens if we've never before imported a machine from any other country?

  • In Nargesa we've got agents in more tha 120 countries  which will help the customer in every procedure in case he needs it. .
  • The customer will always be assisted by a technical team from Nargesa. It comes to be very easy in 90% of the countries.

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