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Hydraulic Press Brakes

Hydraulic press brake MP1500CNC

Hydraulic Press Brake MP1500CNC NARGESA. Folding length 1500 mm, 40 tons.

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Hydraulic press brake MP3003 CNC

Hydraulic Press Brake MP3003 CNC NARGESA. Folding length 3125 mm, 120 tons.

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Last generation Press Brakes, manufactured in welded and stabilized steel that allows to stand high stress without any deformation. Folding length: 1500mm up to 3125mm. Tonnage: 40 and 120 Tons.

Among the elements that make the new Nargesa CNC hydraulic press brakes ideal for the sheet metalwork industry, we highlight the following: the adaptive electronic pressure control system which ensures the force required for each operation; the chassis bending electronic compensator which gives optimum bending precision with different sheet metal lengths; the micrometric resolution optical encoder which permits perfect positioning of the vertical axis of bending; the sophisticated electronic compensation system for hydraulic oil temperature, which can be configured using software to offer repeat bending at different working temperatures; the self-monitoring safety hydraulic system contained in a single unit which provides manometer pressure information at all times with optics indication of the status of valves and sensors, transmitting movement to the vertical bending axis ensuring precision to within 0.01 mm, and a servo motor driven back gauge with maximum precision recirculating ball screw guide which reduces X and R axis positioning error to less than 0.05 mm and the option for manual adjustment of the Z axis; and 2.0 connectivity for seamless LAN integration of machines via a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection for the remote control, management, diagnosis and update of machines. A full range of specifications designed to provide maximum performance using technological components of the highest quality to make the operator's job easier.

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