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When will I get my machine?

*Will Nargesa arrange transport? 
Whenever the customer hires it, Nargesa could arrange the shipment to any destination. Likewise, the customer has got the choice to use his regular shipper for the transport of his merchandise.

*Can Nargesa send a machine door-to-door?
In 80 % of the countries, there is no problem in doing so, in the other ones it is advisable for the customer to arrange it himself since it would be more economic. He counts always with our supervision though, if desired.

*Would Nargesa send a machine to any country in the world?
  Yes, to any country with no exception.

*Which are the forwarders the machines are sent by?
Depending on the country, the volume of the merchandise and the shipment, we use either one or any other company, all of them are international leading forwarders: AIRPHARM, DSV, DHL, MSC, HAPAG-LLOYD.

*What happens if the machine gets damaged during shipment?
All machines delivered by Nargesa have got an all-risked insurance which assumes all expenses in caswe an incidence occurs.

*How long does it take to get spare parts or supplies in case of need?
It would take 4 days as much, it would be sent either by  DHL or UPS.

*How do we know where our machine is?
Every parcel or machine is given a tracking number which allows it to be controlled by internet whenever required.

*How long does it take for a machine to reach my country and to which  seaports can it be sent?
In the PDF file you will find the transit time and the different seaports for each country where we have our agents. Download PDF

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