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12 / Oct / 2020

We have delivered today these special rollers for the Tube and Section Bending Machine MC650  to one of our customers who needs to bend special aluminum profiles to manufacture custom-made circular lamps.
This project came to our technical department and we provided the best solution to make these bends in a special aluminum profile, which besides of being a fragile material, this profile has a particular geometry to which the rollers adapt perfectly and thus avoid possible deformations during bending. Another challenge of the project is the total customization of each bending diameter, since these lamps are made to measure and fully personalized, this means that the machine must be able to adapt each curve to specific dimensions.
These decorative lamps in aluminum and methacrylate are highly valued in the market and if the customer can also choose the size, the product and the service turns out higher. Joining quality material, the ideal machine and the skill of the operator, the excellence of the final product is guaranteed.
We are very satisfied with the result obtained and we hope that both our client and the end user of these circular lamps will find a quality and reliable creation.

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