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We welcome distributors to our facilities

21 / Nov / 2023

Visitas Empresas Maquinaria Industrial Nargesa 2023

French and Italian Distributors Visit Nargesa

In November, Prada Nargesa had the pleasure of receiving several exceptional visits! We were visited by Cedric Fernández from Baures Prolians (Perpignan, France), Gino Ciccariello from La Fenice Di Ciccariello Gino (Caserta, Italy), and Frédéric Pertusa from Caujolle Roues et Roulettes (Fenouillet, France). Here’s a bit more about them:

Cedric Fernández from Baures Prolians: Perpignan, France

We welcomed a delegation led by Cedric Fernández, the commercial manager of Baures Prolians, a partner company with which we have maintained a solid relationship over time. Baures Prolians is based in Perpignan, France. During this personalized visit, not only were we honored by the presence of two commercial professionals from Baures Prolians, but we were also visited by four of their clients.

The shared purpose of this visit was to closely explore our wide range of products, with the aim of evaluating the possibility of collaborating on future projects and getting to know our facilities.

Our dedicated team of technical and commercial professionals guided the visitors through all our work areas, culminating in a specialized training session focused on the Nargesa Hydraulic press brake MP3003 CNC.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for their visit and the deep interest they have shown in our brand, Nargesa. We trust that the experience was satisfactory for them and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration in the coming years.

Gino Ciccariello from La Fenice Di Ciccariello Gino: Caserta, Italy

La Fenice Di Ciccariello Gino, a company based in Caserta, Italy, honored us with a visit from Mr. Gino Ciccariello, its owner. His 1400 km journey to our facilities reflects his deep interest in getting to know us better and expanding his collection of Nargesa machinery, including the Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine MX700 and the MC650 Section and Pipe Bending Machine. In 2019, Mr. Ciccariello had already acquired a Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake PP200CNC from us.

His presence this week demonstrates his continued attention to the advancements of our Nargesa machine models, some of which now feature CNC control and other technological improvements.

We are immensely grateful for significant visits like Mr. Ciccariello’s, as his journey not only represents recognition of our work but also the quality of our range of Nargesa machinery. We are committed to continually exceeding expectations and offering advanced solutions to our valued customers.

Frédéric Pertusa from Caujolle Roues et Roulettes: Fenouillet, France

Frédéric Pertusa, the technician in charge of Research and Development at Caujolle Roues et Roulettes in Fenouillet, France, honored us with his visit. Mr. Pertusa reached out to us thanks to a recommendation from a trusted friend who praised Nargesa’s outstanding reputation. During his visit, Mr. Pertusa aimed to explore our facilities and firsthand evaluate the capabilities that our range of machinery can offer to Caujolle Roues et Roulettes. He expressed particular interest in our range of Nargesa Hydraulic Press Brakes. At Nargesa, we are immensely grateful to all our customers who recognize our daily effort and dedication. We deeply appreciate their trust in our products and their willingness to recommend us to their colleagues. This show of confidence is a significant symbol and a source of great pride for the entire Nargesa team.

Customized Visits to Our Facilities

At Nargesa, our visits can be either individual or group-based, each offering its own advantages. You can choose the format that best suits your needs. Individual visits provide a higher degree of personalization and a more flexible learning pace. In contrast, group visits enhance interaction with technicians, salespeople, and other visitors, creating a more dynamic environment and increasing the perspectives and knowledge to be shared.

Most Popular Machines Among Visitors

  • Hydraulic Press Brakes: Nargesa Hydraulic Press Brakes represent revolutionary innovation in the field of sheet metal bending, taking this process to exceptional levels of efficiency and precision. The two models, MP1500CNC and MP3003CNC, not only redefine standards of excellence but also establish a new paradigm in the sheet metal bending industry, standing out for their ability to deliver precise and efficient results.
  • Nargesa Ironworker Machines: The Nargesa Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine MX700 and MX340 are noted for their multifunctional capabilities. They perform various operations such as punching sheets, bands, tubes, angles, and profiles in shapes like U, T, UPN, IPN, among others. In addition to bending, cutting, deep drawing, stamping, and beading tubes, they are also proficient in curving and embossing. The adaptability of these machines allows the use of any type of dies, even those manufactured by the customer, making them essential tools for any company working with iron.
  • Nargesa ring roller bender and section bending machines: Nargesa tube and profile benders are specialized machines designed for bending and shaping metal tubes and profiles, offering flexibility in creating various shapes and structures. The models we offer at Prada Nargesa include the MC150B, MC200, MC400, MC200H, MC550, and MC650.

We sincerely appreciate the interest of all our visitors in our industrial machinery during their recent visit to our facilities, which reinforces our commitment to quality and our ongoing effort toward excellence and innovation.

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We welcome distributors to our facilities


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