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19 / Feb / 2020


Metaforge is an Algerian company, dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of metal parts: railings for windows and doors, fences, portals, railings for stairs or balconies, metal structures such as tents, barbecues, benches or steel swings and all kinds of forging ornamental as wrought iron furniture and garden decoration.
Our customer and friend Mr. Hadi Benzerdjeb, manager of this company, bought several of the Nargesa equipment in 2017, 9 machines for working cold and hot iron: End Wrought Iron Machines NF70 y PC16Nargesa MC400 pipe bending machine, una Twisting Iron Machine MT500Ametal punching machines, a horizontal  press brake PP200, a power forging hammers MP60, an H2 forging furnace and an Iron embossing machine NOA60, that have been his tools in this ambitious and prosperous project. All this was possible thanks to the grants that the CNAC grants to entrepreneurs in this country.
Last November, the Metaforge company attended as a guest at the Show to represent the CNAC in Oran and show all attendees the value of their project and the reality of its implementation thanks to these state funds.
Mr. Benzerdjeb gives us his opinion of this experience: “Metaforge was honored to have been invited to represent the establishment of CNAC Oran for the exhibition where the Labor Minister, the “wali” of Oran and the head of the PW were present and very satisfied with our work. At the same time, I would like to thank the entire CNAC Oran and the Nargesa team for their professionalism. ”
We are proud that this important state agency has chosen Mr. Benzerdjeb to represent the young entrepreneurs of Algeria and that he has chosen the Nargesa machinery to carry out this project.

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