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In PRADA NARGESA we have started the year with some news

28 / Jan / 2015

In PRADA NARGESA we have  started the year with some news

In PRADA NARGESA we have  started the year with some news and want to share with all our customers and friends.
Our R & D has been working on the new Press Folder Horizontal PP200 Nargesa to continue our pursuit to provide new, more efficient, multifunctional and competitive machines and it has become a reality today. After the design and manufacturing process we have available in our stock the first series of horizontal folding machines with a large catalog of tools.
We are echoing the demands of our customers demanding adaptable machines to perform more operations than by changing the couplings, have met this request with this 20 Tons power  hydraulic Horizontal Bending Press.
The tools delivered with the machine is the complete folding die with 4V’s which allows plenty of bending operations in multiple materials and unlike conventional plate benders it gives the possibility to completely double pieces or parts. Optional tools of the Horizontal Bending Press PP200 are designed to perform several  operations as tube bending, enlarge and reduce tube for assembly, cutting, drilling and punching plates or flat bars, straightening, bending and forming different types of profiles or widening tube or pipe.
For convenience, our engineers have designed this horizontal folding to be adapted plenty of tools, including manufactured by the customer himself due to the simplicity of its drive fitting.
On our website you will find all information, specifications, examples of parts made and price for the  Horizontal Bending Press PP200 and all its accessories. In addition, our sales department is always available for any questions you may have concerning the machine or its multiple tools options.

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