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01 / Nov / 2021

Batimatec 2021 Nargesa

What is the Batimatec?

Batimatec is an annual event launched more than two decades ago, which has seen its consecration strengthened over the years, the result of conscientious work combined on all fronts, giving it an international reputation and confirming its status on a continental scale. Batimatec is a construction fair held annually in Algeria and is one of the most important in its kind in the region.

Batimatec is the most anticipated exhibition for national and international professionals, featuring 5 days of rich and varied exposition where virtually all segments of the construction industry are represented. Beyond its commercial aspect, it provides a real opportunity for the launch of new products and serves as an excellent platform for entrepreneurs willing to exchange experiences on new construction techniques and partnership promotion practices. This is particularly significant in the context of Algeria's comprehensive economic recovery program, with a specific focus on construction and public works.

What's Sarl COCOM?

The Exclusive Distributor of Nargesa in Algeria, the company Sarl COCOM, will participate in the 23rd edition of the International Fair of Construction, Building Materials, and Public Works, Batimatec Expo, from November 7th to 11th, in the city of Algiers.

Sarl COCOM (Comptoir de Commerce Multiple) is a company established in 1994 by Mr. Mohamed-Fedlallah Douidi and approved by the agencies ANSEJ, CNAC, and ANGEM.

The company Sarl COCOM specializes in the import, marketing, installation, and maintenance of various materials and equipment for industries, construction actors, public works, and individuals. This includes the manufacturing and assembly of generators, elevators, and forklifts.

They work with equipment in an electromechanical, pneumatic, sawing, cutting, refrigeration, and hydraulic context, including compactors, conveyor belts, lawn mowers, and pumps from various major brands. Through their seriousness, they have become a preferred partner in the Algerian market.

With no less than 25 years of activity, Sarl COCOM has seen an increase in its share capital, reaching the honorable threshold of 21,000,000 DZD, an irrefutable proof of its investment policy and sustainability.

For this significant event, Sarl COCOM will showcase three Nargesa machines representing the brand: the Profile bending machines MC400, the Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC, and the Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake PP200CNC.

  • Profile bending machines MC400: The MC400 NARGESA bender, manufactured in welded and machined steel sheet, unlike others that are not cast. Ideal for producing flanges, greenhouses, railings, tables, chairs, doors, windows, creating an infinity of circular shapes in all types of profiles. Its robustness, axle diameter, reducing capacity, and other properties make it one of the best benders on the market in the three-roll bending category, an essential condition for working with hollow tube with a perfect finish.

  • Non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC: The new generation of Mandrel-Free Tube Benders CC60CNC can bend tubes up to 180º with the best finish, maximum speed, and less thickness than other machines in its category. The tubes can be round, oval, square, rectangular... in different materials: iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper...

  • Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake PP200CNC:The versatility of the top Horizontal Press Brake Nargesa PP200CNC allows for the production of a large quantity of forged pieces and operations in all types of materials: tubes, plates, numerous profiles, bars... Bending operations with horizontal press brakes allow for completely bending figures or pieces, unlike conventional plate benders. The bending of hollow tube with fixed radii up to 150º is another virtue of these presses. Widening and reducing the tube at the ends to be able to create pieces that fit together or are welded later. Cutting, punching, and embossing plates turn the horizontal press brake into a punching shear. Many companies use these presses to straighten and shape different types of profiles. It's a solution for bending different profiles with specific radii and straight ends, such as the manufacturing of clamps and flanges. Flanging tubes to join them at 90º. The world of cold forging uses horizontal presses to manufacture and shape different forms of bars. Its robustness, versatility, ease of use, and Industry 4.0 technology make it an essential horizontal press brake for metallurgy.

Algiers, Algeria

Algiers, the capital of Algeria, is a city with a rich history and culture. If you plan to visit the city for Batimatec, you can take the opportunity to explore other tourist attractions like:

  1. The Kasbah of Algiers: A historic district declared a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical and architectural value. It offers narrow streets, charming squares, and traditional architecture. The Kasbah of Algiers is an ancient citadel and a historic neighborhood located at the highest point of Algiers, the capital of Algeria.
  2. The Great Mosque of Algiers: The Great Mosque of Algiers is an iconic landmark symbolizing the rich history and cultural diversity of Algeria. Its presence in the Kasbah has made it one of the city's most important attractions. The Ketchaoua Mosque is another significant religious structure.
  3. Riad El Feth Esplanade: The Riad El Feth Esplanade is an area in Algiers, Algeria, known for its green spaces, providing a peaceful place for walking and enjoying nature with gardens, fountains, and a panoramic view of the city. It's a popular spot for strolling and nature appreciation.
  4. The People's Palace: A historic building that now houses the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The historic building serves as the headquarters for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. This museum offers a collection of artworks spanning different periods and artistic styles.
  5. The Martyrs' Memorial: The Martyrs' Memorial, known as "Makam E'Chahid" in Arabic, is a monument dedicated to the martyrs of the Algerian War of Independence (1954-1962). This memorial is a symbolic place and an important reminder of the Algerian people's struggle for independence from French colonialism. It is located to the west of Algiers, atop a hill with panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. If you plan to visit, you could experience a profound reflection on Algeria's past and its fight.

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