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14 / Dec / 2017


The Industrial School Ernesto Bertelsen from Chile, has equipped its workshop classroom with one Nargesa MC150B pipe bending machine and one MT150A forging machine.
We are particularly pleased about the fact that Industrial Schools and Universities select our Nargesa machinery to increase the learning material at their workshop classrooms. We are proud to know that these equipment will be used by future professionals of the metal working branch, whom in their training process will learn and be trained with the machines we manufacture.
As a gesture of gratitude and satisfaction, we have sent some images along with this message: "I forward my impressions and those of our teacher, for the satisfaction of the easy handling of these machines together with the perfection of the work done.
Students quickly learn to handle them manually.
As this is a technical school, the jobs each one is special and different.
I ought to say that the machines continue to be as brand new, since the alumnae look well after them at the same time that they take advantage of them.
We haven’t done serial jobs for other people, there is an architect who works with pipes, on rails, stairs... and he’s concerned about folding his material here.
The people of companies who visit us, are  amazed to see such a school like ours.
The Professor appearing on it is very young but way too skillful. He’s Don Camilo Núñez, a former student at our school”.
We sincerely appreciate your opinion and we wish you plenty of success in your work with these young people!!

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