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05 / Feb / 2019


Carrying out training for clients so that they learn how to use the machines we manufacture, has become a regular activity for PRADA NARGESA; however when it comes to mutual, intense and interactive feedback, the benefits and learning reach a higher category. Coming from the Colegiul de Ingenierie (College of engineering) of Moldova, this week we have been accompanied by five engineers eager for knowledge and willing to convey it on to their colleagues in their country. Their  goal was to receive training in the equipment they had purchased through the Moldovan company Lokmera and what at first was just considered as a simple session, became a very profitable hand-to-hand among engineers all along the three days they were together.
They are grateful and impressed to have found a Spanish company with a high level of organization and competitiveness, manufacturers and experts in what we have in our hands, at the same  level of other European companies. For the time being, they have done training in the handling of the equipment they have already purchased, press brakes MP3003CNC, MP1500CNC, and welding positioner TS10; however, their intention goes way beyond since it is to include Nargesa in a very ambitious project that includes the creation of training classrooms for universities and engineering centers in Moldova under the sponsorship of the Government of that country.
Thank you very much again for trusting in our brand and also thanks for your opinions, we hope to keep on counting on your growth desires and, of course we would love to be part of it.
See you soon friends!

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