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Quantum, Nargesa distributor, to attend PRI 2023

28 / Nov / 2023


Discover the exclusive exhibit of Quantum Machinery Group, our master distributor in the United States, which will feature the outstanding line of Nargesa machinery at booth #5359 during PRI 2023 on December 7, 8 and 9.

Nargesa Machinery at the Performance Racing Industry

The Performance Racing Industry takes place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. At the Quantum Machinery Group booth, you will have the opportunity to explore several models of our diverse range of Nargesa equipment. The exhibition will include Nargesa Ring roller bender and section bending machines, Gas Forges, Horizontal Press Brakes, Broaching Machines, End Wrought Iron Machines, and Twisting Bending Machines. Don't miss the last event of 2023!

The Performance Racing Industry 2023 (PRI) event is crucial in the industrial machinery sector due to its leading role in promoting innovation, technology and knowledge sharing in the performance racing industry. 

This event not only brings together key industry players and professionals, but also serves as a platform for the presentation of the latest trends and developments in technology. That is why it is very interesting for us as industrial machinery manufacturers to be among the best in the industry.

In the field of industrial machinery, participation in the PRI offers companies the opportunity to highlight their specialised products and services, as well as to establish strategic connections with other industry leaders. The importance of the PRI in the industrial machinery sector lies in its ability to foster collaboration, research and the development of cutting-edge solutions. 

From Nargesa and through Quantum Machinery Group what we want is to take advantage of this event to learn about the latest trends, explore new technologies and improve their technical knowledge. This not only benefits the participating companies, but also boosts innovation in the industry in general.

In short, participation in the PRI event is essential for companies like ours, Nargesa, to connect with key partners and stay at the forefront of the latest trends and technological advances. By participating in this event, we can optimise our market presence and strengthen our position in the high performance industrial machinery industry. 

Last event Quantum Machinery Group attends as a Nargesa dealer this year 2023 

Immerse yourself in speed and precision at the event that will make a difference in your industry! Quantum Machinery Group, as the exclusive distributor of Nargesa, invites you to accelerate into the future of industrial machinery at the prestigious Performance Racing Industry.

At this exciting event, Quantum Machinery Group will showcase the most advanced models of industrial machinery, designed to push your business performance to the limit. From state-of-the-art cutting machines to high-speed forging equipment, each Nargesa tool features a unique combination of power and precision to meet the toughest demands of the racing and competition world.

At Performance Racing Industry, not only will you have the opportunity to admire these high-performance machines, but you will also be able to connect with the experts from Quantum Machinery Group, who will guide you through the technical features and show you how these tools can boost your performance and improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Take the opportunity to experience first-hand the cutting-edge technology that is transforming the industry. Visit the Quantum Machinery Group stand at Performance Racing Industry and find out how our distributor can take your production to the podium of success. Don't be left behind on the innovation track - accelerate into the future with Quantum Machinery Group and Nargesa! See you at the event to experience the thrill of speed and industrial precision together! 

The Quantum Machinery Group team will be happy to answer all your questions and clarify all the necessary details about Nargesa machinery, we are waiting for you at booth #5359!

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