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Nargesa breaks the 2023 sales record in India

28 / Jul / 2023

Record de Ventas a la India

Stunning 2023 sales record in India!


At Prada Nargesa, we are delighted to share our sales record and want to express our deep gratitude to all our valuable customers in India for the unwavering support they have provided us. During this exciting period in 2023, Nargesa industrial machines have reached numerous locations in South Asia, bringing innovation and efficiency to every corner. It is worth mentioning that we are filled with gratitude knowing that our products have exceeded expectations and have contributed to the growth and success of many businesses in India. We take pride in seeing how our solutions have facilitated and improved the daily operations of our customers around the world. Our commitment to providing quality products and exceptional service will remain our top priority.


The metallurgy sector in India is experiencing industrial and infrastructural growth. It plays a significant role in the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with a growth rate of 7.2% in the fiscal year 2022-2023. This key industry provides employment to a large number of people and plays a crucial role in manufacturing and construction. India is one of the world's largest consumers of metals due to its growing population, industrial development, and expanding infrastructure projects. Moreover, the country exports various metal products, contributing to its economy. Metallurgy is essential for the infrastructure and construction sector in India. The country has been investing in massive infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, railways, and power, creating a constant demand for metal products. The automotive and electronics industries in India also heavily rely on metal products. With the growth of the middle class and urbanization, there is an increasing demand for automobiles and electronic goods, driving the metallurgy industry. The Indian government has been implementing various policies and programs to foster the growth of the manufacturing sector, including metallurgy. These initiatives include promoting domestic manufacturing and improving the business environment.


Nargesa has found a place in the lives of customers in India in these locations:


Hundli, Sidcul, Maharashtra, Indore, Gujarat, Chennai, Bhavnagar, Coimbatore, Thane, Kerala, A-Narayanapura, Bangalore, Kondithope, Gandhinagar, Tamil Nadu, Jasola, Hyderabad, Rajajinagar, Jaysingpur, Jalandhar, Palakkad, Bhimpore y Kolkata


At Prada Nargesa, we sincerely appreciate all those customers who have enthusiastically supported our project and placed their trust in our industrial machinery. It brings us great satisfaction to know that our solutions have been highly beneficial in their daily operations. Our hope is that success continues to accompany them every step of the way. We are committed to providing them with products and services of the highest quality to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We look forward to remaining part of the growth and development of more businesses and making a positive impact on the industry.

In the year 2023, South Asia finds itself at a crucial point in its development and geopolitical evolution. This diverse and vibrant region is home to a series of countries with rich cultures and growing economies. The region has also become a significant manufacturing and services hub, attracting foreign investments and fostering international trade.


Our extensive range of Nargesa models has been successfully shipped to the country, providing high-quality solutions and cutting-edge technology for various industries. We take pride in offering a wide variety of industrial machinery models to cater to different industrial sectors. Our selection includes: Ring roller bender and section bending machinesNon-mandrel tube and pipe bendersIron embossing machinesHydraulic Press BrakesGas ForgesEnd Wrought Iron MachinesPower HammersTwisting / Scroll Bending MachinesHydraulic Shear MachinesHorizontal Press BrakesBroaching MachinesPresses For Locks and Ironworker Machines.


Customer satisfaction as a priority


At Nargesa, we strive to provide exceptional service, ensuring that each machine reaches India with the utmost care and attention. With a meticulous focus on secure delivery, our mission is to ensure that our customers receive their machines in perfect condition and ready for use. Discover how we work tirelessly to achieve excellence in every shipment to India.


1. Specialized packaging for protection: At Prada Nargesa, we are committed to secure delivery, utilizing high-quality specialized packaging to protect the machines during transportation. Our team takes care to individually pack each machine, ensuring it is safeguarded against impacts, vibrations, and any potential damage during the journey to India.


2. Reliable and secure transportation: We collaborate with renowned transportation companies with a proven track record of reliability and safety in their operations. Our transportation team is familiar with international protocols and regulations, ensuring that each shipment meets the strictest quality standards throughout the arrival process in India.


3. Constant shipment monitoring: From the moment the machine leaves our facilities until its arrival in India, we conduct continuous tracking of the shipment. Using advanced monitoring technology, we stay informed about the location and status of each machine throughout the entire journey. This ongoing supervision allows us to take preventive and corrective measures in case of unexpected situations.


4. Specialized team at the destination: We have a dedicated team in India responsible for coordinating and facilitating the delivery in the destination country. Our local team is highly trained to address any logistical or customs challenges, ensuring a smooth and efficient unloading and delivery process.


Thanks to our esteemed customers in India: Your support drives our project forward


On this special occasion, we want to express our sincerest gratitude to all our valuable customers in India. Your unwavering support has been essential in propelling our project towards new horizons. Your trust in our project fills us with joy and motivates us to give our best. Your choice to work with us is a sign that we are meeting your expectations, and we will continuously strive to surpass them. Each customer in India is a vital member of our business community. We appreciate the opportunity to build lasting relationships with you, and our team endeavors to provide personalized service that meets your individual needs. Every time a customer in India joins our project, we move one step closer to our shared vision. Your support helps us strengthen our position in the market and gives us the momentum to achieve our long-term goals. The support of our customers in India is a constant reminder of our commitment to maintaining excellence in everything we do.


Some of our customers, those who provide third-party services with Nargesa machinery from their workshops, have wanted to be part of a network on our Nargesa website that aims to connect them with potential future clients. In this way, all individuals or companies in need of parts that can be manufactured with the range of Nargesa machinery can find them in their area to meet their production needs by hiring their services. If new customers from India also want to participate, they can send an email to [email protected], including the following information, and we will include them on our website. We encourage everyone who has not yet participated in this great commercial network; just by providing this data, we have enough information: Company Name, Tax Identification Number (CIF), City, Country, and Machine or Machines.


We will continue to strive to offer products and services that exceed your expectations and contribute to your success. Thank you, India!

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