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The Generalitat of Catalonia subsidizes us with the International eTrade Voucher

19 / Sep / 2023

ACCIÓ: Cupó Internacional eTrade

Project to boost the internationalization of businesses through digital channels

At Prada Nargesa, we have been subsidized through the "ACCIÓ" project promoted by the Government of Catalonia.

The ACCIÓ program grants us the International eTrade Voucher. The Voucher aims to incentivize international promotion through digital channels. Throughout the year 2022, at Nargesa, we have been advised on our strategic internationalization projects, in all phases of our digital actions and with a forward-looking vision.

We appreciate the support and the Strategic Plan carried out by ACCIÓ, both through the analysis of our presence, strategy, and action proposals.

The International eTrade Voucher from the Government of Catalonia: Boosting Business Internationalization

In an increasingly interconnected world, the internationalization of businesses has become a strategic priority. The Government of Catalonia recognizes this need and has created an invaluable tool to support companies in their global expansion: the International eTrade Voucher.

The International eTrade Voucher is an initiative promoted by the Government of Catalonia through its ACCIÓ program. This voucher is a powerful lever aimed at stimulating the internationalization of Catalan businesses through the use of digital channels. In a world where online presence is essential, this voucher becomes an invaluable resource.

Benefits of the International eTrade Voucher Strategic Guidance: The ACCIÓ program provides top-level strategic guidance. Beneficiary companies receive specialized guidance in all phases of their digital actions, from planning to implementation.

Future Vision: The focus of the International eTrade Voucher extends beyond the present; it also encompasses a future vision. Participating companies receive guidance to develop sustainable digital strategies that enable them to maintain a successful presence in the international market in the long term.

International Promotion: The main goal of the voucher is to promote internationalization through digital channels. This includes expanding the company's online presence, promoting products and services in international markets, and building global business relationships.

Companies that have had the opportunity to benefit from the International eTrade Voucher from the Government of Catalonia highlight the importance of this initiative for their success on the international stage. The support and strategic plan provided by ACCIÓ are essential for navigating the complex world of digital internationalization.

In summary, the International eTrade Voucher from the Government of Catalonia is an invaluable resource for companies seeking to expand their horizons in the global market. With a focus on digital strategy and ongoing support, this voucher drives business internationalization and paves the way for success in the digital world. If you are considering expanding your operations internationally, this initiative could be your key partner on this exciting journey.

The Importance of Business Internationalization through Digital Channels

Business internationalization through digital channels has become an essential business strategy in the modern era. This trend is not just an option but a necessity for companies seeking sustainable growth and expansion of their horizons. Below, we explore why internationalizing businesses through digital channels is so important:

  1. Access to Global Markets: Digitalization allows companies to reach audiences worldwide without traditional geographical barriers. This significantly expands market potential and growth opportunities. By optimizing their online presence through effective strategies, companies can increase visibility and attract international customers more effectively.
  2. Cost Reduction: Traditional international expansion typically required significant investments in physical infrastructure and foreign personnel. However, digital channels enable a more agile and cost-effective entry into new markets.
  3. Global Competition: In an increasingly competitive world, businesses must be prepared to compete globally. Those that internationalize through digital channels can stay up-to-date with trends and adopt innovative strategies more quickly.
  4. Adaptation to Demand: Digital channels provide valuable real-time consumer behavior data. This allows companies to adapt their products, services, and marketing strategies more agilely and accurately to meet changing demands in international markets.
  5. Building a Global Brand: Digital internationalization is not just about sales; it's also about building a strong global brand. An optimized and effective online presence contributes to establishing brand credibility and trust in international markets.
  6. Business Resilience: Geographic diversification through digital internationalization can help companies mitigate economic and political risks in local markets. This makes companies more resilient to regional economic fluctuations.

In summary, the support and expertise we have received through the ACCIÓ program have been crucial in achieving our internationalization goals through digital channels, and we are excited to continue working hand in hand with this organization in the future to further expand our global presence and achieve new successes in the international market.

The ACCIÓ Program Continuing with the objective of promoting the internationalization of businesses through digital channels, Prada Nargesa has benefited from significant support provided by the "ACCIÓ" program, an initiative driven by the Government of Catalonia.

Within this context, Prada Nargesa has been honored with the prestigious International eTrade Voucher, an opportunity actively seeking to encourage and promote international expansion through the effective use of digital technologies. This collaboration with ACCIÓ during the year 2022 has been fundamental to our growth and success on the international stage.

During this period, Prada Nargesa has received expert guidance regarding our strategic internationalization projects, and this guidance has been present in all stages of our digital initiatives. This comprehensive and forward-thinking approach has been essential in achieving our global business objectives.

We want to express our deep gratitude to ACCIÓ for the invaluable support they have provided us. The Strategic Plan developed by this organization has been essential for our company, addressing aspects such as international presence analysis, global strategy, and specific action proposals. This support has been a crucial catalyst for our success in the international arena, and it is a partnership that we deeply value.

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