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Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders CC60 and CC90 CNC

Non-mandrel tube and pipe benders CC60 and CC90 CNC

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Introducing the new generation of CC90 and CC60 Tube Benders, the state-of-the-art tube bending machines without mandrels


At Prada Nargesa, we are passionate about sharing our expertise in the fascinating world of tube bending and creations with our mandrel-less CNC Tube Benders, the non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC and the non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC90 CNC models. We love showcasing the endless possibilities and versatility these machines offer, allowing you to bring a wide variety of projects to life. Mandrel-less tube benders have become essential tools for many businesses and professionals across various industrial sectors. Industries such as construction, automotive, furniture manufacturing, and decoration rely on these bending machines for their daily operations.

The remarkable versatility of these non-mandrel tube and pipe benders lies in their ability to precisely and efficiently bend tubes of different sizes and materials. The advanced technology employed in our mandrel-less tube benders enables multiple bending operations without the need for mandrels, providing users with enhanced flexibility and versatility.

In our video tutorial, we will demonstrate how to work with the non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC and non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC90 CNC. You will learn how to fabricate railings, bend square tubes, and explore various methods for calculating tube developments. Furthermore, we will showcase the creation of different pieces for diverse applications, such as bicycle parking racks, stainless steel pool railings, Can-am buggy windows, boat handrails, bed frames, and 4x4 car bumpers. With each project, our primary focus is understanding the specific needs of our customers and providing customized solutions that perfectly meet their requirements. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to ensure your success in every endeavor.

The video showcases the numerous and significant advantages of Industry 4.0 technology, as well as the proper assembly of various components to achieve optimal tube bending. It also highlights the countless properties of CNC control. In summary, the video demonstrates how Industry 4.0 technology and the proper use of CNC control can offer numerous benefits in the bending process.

Industry 4.0 technology brings numerous advantages to the manufacturing industry, including improved efficiency and productivity, optimized production processes to reduce costs, enhanced quality and safety by minimizing errors and workplace accidents, the ability to manufacture customized products, and the opening of new business opportunities. Additionally, Industry 4.0 technology can contribute to environmental sustainability by optimizing the use of energy and materials resources.

CNC control enables high-precision and repeatable processes, allowing for the manufacturing of complex and precise parts and components. It enables the programming of a wide range of operations and the ability to quickly switch between different jobs and components. CNC control programs can be saved and accurately repeated to ensure uniformity in part production. It is an automated technology that can efficiently execute production operations without constant human intervention, improving production efficiency by reducing setup times and significantly increasing production speed.


We will now explain how to carry out each of the aforementioned projects step by step:

As demonstrated in the video, there are different methods to measure the tube development. In this case, we will use a simple string to trace the geometry of the piece along the center of the tube. We make a mark and measure the result. We measure the distance from the ends to the start of the curve and also measure the two internal angles of the piece. Once the tube is cut to 645 mm, we mark the two starting points of the curve. We place the mm die and screw it in, adjust the carriage, and create a new program in automatic mode. We select the tube size and thickness, and note the degrees. We can save it in the program with the desired name. Now, we can start the machine. The CNC info key allows us to save additional information in each program, and in the "note" box, we can write down instructions that would normally be noted in a notebook.

We begin by fabricating the metal chair following the instructions on the blueprint. Next, we proceed to fabricate the window for the Can-am buggy and also witness the live assembly of this window, which is incredibly interesting. We want to express our gratitude to the Qubu team for sharing this original and enjoyable process with us. Moving on, we continue with the manufacturing of the stainless steel staircase and the pool railing.

One of the advantages of Nargesa mandrel-less tube benders is their throat depth, allowing for the creation of large-scale curves. Additionally, with the 4.0 technology, if approved by the client, our technical service can remotely connect to update the software, provide technical support, identify potential anomalies, and even operate the machine without the need for physical presence. The distance between the customer and the manufacturer disappears.


With a Nargesa CC90 and CC60 mandrel-less tube bender, you can produce a wide variety of curved pieces and components:

The Nargesa non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC is a specialized machine that allows for precise curves in tubes of different sizes and materials without the need for mandrels. This versatile tool offers a wide range of possibilities in manufacturing various pieces and components. Some of the pieces that can be produced with a Nargesa non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC and a Nargesa non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC90 CNC include:


1. Railings and handrails: The Nargesa CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders allow for bending tubes to manufacture stair railings, balcony railings, handrails, and safety barriers.

2. Furniture: Curved structures can be created using the CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders for manufacturing furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, benches, and decorative elements.

3. Automotive components: The CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders can be used to produce curved tubes for the automotive industry, including roll bars, exhaust pipes, chassis, and internal structures.

4. Construction: Curved pieces used in construction, such as supports, frames, metal structures, and decorative elements, can be fabricated using the CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders.

5. Transportation industry: The CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders enable the production of curved components used in the manufacturing of bicycles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, golf carts, and more.

6. Sports and recreational equipment: Curved pieces used in the construction of sports and recreational equipment, such as playground structures, bicycle frames, and gym apparatus, can be fabricated using the CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders.

7. Architecture and design: The Nargesa CC60 and CC90 mandrel-less tube benders are ideal for manufacturing curved architectural elements, including facade structures, columns, arches, and artistic designs.


These are just a few of the possibilities offered by the Nargesa non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC60 CNC and a Nargesa non-mandrel tube and pipe bender CC90 CNC. Their versatility and precision allow for the creation of a wide variety of curved pieces and components for different industries and applications.


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Lastly, we want to thank you once again for dedicating your time and attention to this material and for being part of our community of followers and admirers. Thank you for watching our video, and we wish you the very best in your future projects!

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