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Nargesa Representation at the Coutellia Fair in Thiers.

Nargesa Representation at the Coutellia Fair in Thiers.

Videos of heating iron with forge furnaces.

  • By Joel Amat

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This weekend, the International Art and Tradition Knife Festival Coutellia took place in Thiers, France. A good opportunity to test the new H2 Forge Oven, which will be available very soon.

One of these units was already in the workshop of Joel Amat, master blacksmith and Nargesa collaborator, for testing. So he decided to take it to this great exhibition, at the stand of the Catalan Ironworking Association.

During these two days, visitors were able to see the entire process of creating a magnificent wrought iron sculpture, along with knife-making demonstrations by these great professionals in the industry. This event was ideal for all these professionals to use this new oven and test its effectiveness. At Nargesa, we greatly value their opinions and suggestions.

We sincerely appreciate their collaboration and congratulate them on the excellent work they do!

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