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The Nargesa Ambassadors around the World

The Nargesa Ambassadors around the World

Videos of success stories Nargesa, are our best endorsement

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This week we received a visit from Mr. Mario Ceceña of Kachembo SA de CV company from Mexico, who traveled to our factory to provide training on all machines in our range. It has been a very fruitful visit for both parties, we have learned a lot from each other and have strengthened, even more, the relationship we have with the Kachembo team and with Mexico. Our industrial machinery distributors are already present in many countries worldwide. We greatly appreciate their dedication to learning about the operation of Nargesa machines to provide excellent service to their customers. All our distributors have the support and advice of Prada Nargesa's departments: commercial, technical, administrative, electronic, logistics, graphic... who day by day improve their relationship, which directly benefits the customer.

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