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MX340G - Custom made special punches

MX340G - Custom made special punches

Videos of MX340 40 ton punching machine

  • By Nargesa

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One of our clients from Saudi Arabia has commissioned us with special tools to perform different operations with their two MX340G punching machines.
We have designed and manufactured these dies based on the drawings of the pieces to be made that were provided by the client, together with the stainless steel plates necessary to perform the tests.
The peculiarity of these tools are based on the multi-operation they offer, since in order to manufacture some of the pieces it was necessary to perform several operations. Our engineers have designed each die so that it can perform all the operations of the piece, speeding up the process since there is no change of tool to form the whole part.
These dies allow cutting, punching and bending of these stainless steel sheets in an accurate, quick way and with a perfect finish.

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