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It's a pleasure to receive your visit.

It's a pleasure to receive your visit.

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Mr. Hadi Benzerdjeb is an entrepreneur from Algeria who has started a new forging business with the aim of producing a variety of iron parts, including railings, balustrades, fences, furniture and other similar products. In order to carry out his project, Mr. Benzerdjeb requested financial aid from the Government of the Republic of Algeria through the CNAC, which is a financial and technical aid program that exists in Algeria to support young entrepreneurs in the startup of their own companies. The loans provided by CNAC are intended to finance expenses related to the creation of a company, such as the purchase of equipment and machinery, the acquisition of materials and hiring staff.

With the help of this funding, Mr. Benzerdjeb was able to equip his shop with a wide range of forging machinery, including two NF70 and PC16 hot forging machines, The Nargesa End Hot Wrought Iron Machine NF70, forges and crushes the iron to get the desired shape. Forge arrowheads or spears of different types. Forge the ends on the bars for beautiful ornamental pieces, if you change the mold it also smashes the bars in the center, getting different designs and the End Hot Wrought Iron Machine PC16 enables the work of rolling hot iron. Shaping the forged tip into a closed snail shape. These decorations are widely used as volute endings and decorative pieces. Grills, windows, fences, metal furniture, etc... He also equipped his workshop with the Profile bending machines MC400, made of welded and mechanized sheet steel, ideal for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, tables, chairs, windows. .. making an great number of circular shapes in all kinds of profiles. Its robustness, shaft diameter, and reducing capacity make it one of the best bending machines on the market in the three-roller category, an essential condition for working hollow tubes with a perfect finish. An Twisting Iron Machine MT500A made of a welded and mechanized steel single block and designed to work cold iron, it is excellent for manufacturing all kinds of pieces for ornamental forging, bars, scrolls, etc... Used in window bars , railings, tables, chairs, doors,... You can make several different shaped parts in square, round, tubular profiles, rod, handrail, plate, etc...

 He bought the Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine MX700 that can perform multiple work functions such as punching in metal sheet, plate, tube, angle, U, T, UPN, IPN profile... cut, bend, embed, die-cut, flare tube, bend, stamp... Any type of tool can be adapted, even manufactured by the client himself. It is versatile and easy to use. It is an indispensable machine for a company in the iron world.

 A Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brake PP200CNC that allows us to carry out a large number of forging parts and operations in all types of material: tube, plate, numerous profiles, rod... Bending operations with horizontal press brakes allow parts to be completely bent. Unlike conventional plate bending machines. Hollow tube bending in fixed radii up to 150º is another of its scores. It expands and reduces the tube at the ends to be able to assemble or weld later. Cutting, drilling and stamping the plates or flat bars convert the horizontal press brake into a punching shear. Many companies use these presses to straighten and form different types of profiles. Solution for bending different profiles with specific radii and straight ends, such as the manufacture of clamps and flanges. It is strong and versatile.

 An Power Hammer MP50, used in many places to manufacture all kinds of pieces for ornamental forging for the work of hot cast iron. Using different tools, stuffing, molding, cutting, drilling, riveting, stamping, etc... all kinds of metals and an H2 forging furnace and a large number of accessories. The Gas forge H2 has been designed to heat irons efficiently, safely and respecting the environment. It consumes up to 75% less gas and reaches a higher temperature than any oven in its category, reaching more than 1300ºC and is respectful of the environment. The internal lining is vermiculite, 100% natural and recyclable. It is used in ornamental forging and blacksmith to heat iron until it can be molded, which allows it to be given the desired shapes. It is very useful for working the ends of rods, making horseshoes, knives, swords, axes and other forged pieces, as well as for creating sculptures and iron decoration. It also allows the creation of iron garden furniture, wrought iron chairs and tables. It is a more efficient tool than the old charcoal forge, since it is cleaner and faster in its operation.

 After a few months and with all machines at full capacity, Mr. Benzerdjeb has visited us to personally meet our entire team and learn more about the production processes of our line of machinery. During his visit, we showed him all the details of how our machines work and teach him some methods to maximize the productivity of his own equipment. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of acquiring new equipment and accessories in the near future.

 For us, it is very rewarding to receive the visit of our customers and share our experiences and knowledge. With them. In an increasingly competitive world, the relationship with our customers is key to reinforce satisfaction and fidelity to our brand. Therefore, having the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and quality in person is very important to us.

We hope that Mr. Benzerdjeb's visit was profitable for both parties and that our business relationship continues to strengthen in the future. We are committed to continue providing the best service and the best quality products for our customers, and we will keep on being always willing to share our knowledge and skills to help them improve their own production processes.

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