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Batiwest Exhibition 2014

07 / Oct / 2014

Batiwest Exhibition 2014

After accomplishing our goals in Colombia Expometálica Tradeshow, we get ready our heading up to Algeria, to the Batiwest Exhibition to be held from October 20th to October 25th, 2014 where we will be along to our  SIDOAL team to share the show the performance of some of our machines exhibited at the stand. For this occasion we have selected four models of our machines, metal punching machine NARGESA MX340G, the Press Brake MP1400  and Hot Wrought Iron Machines  NF70 and PC16.

The Hydraulic press MX340 is one of the most demanded by the large number of operations you can perform, bending, cutting, pressing, stamping, tube flaring, bending, inlaying ... with the strength and robustness required on this type of machines with high precision and a perfect finish.

The press brake MP1400 provides strength and the necessary  accuracy to bend sheets of different thicknesses with extreme perfection.

The hot forging machine NF70   allows us to quickly and easily shape the bars at the ends or in the middle, getting plenty of ornamental designs.

Another of the machines that could be seen are the Hot Wrought iron PC16 winding the end into a snail-shaped bars. These decorations are used as ends in scrolls and decorative pieces such as bars, windows, fencing and metal furniture.

Looking forward to your view on this great Exhibition  of technology, machinery and innovation

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