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We highly appraise the fact our customers count on NARGESA

16 / Jul / 2015

One of the clients Nargesa in Portugal received an order to manufacture a large number of parts for metallic greenhouses installed in England. He has a punching MX340G but he needed a special tool to shape these kind of pieces.
He contacted our technical department to design and fabricate some special tooling that allow him to make this important deal.
This kit consists of five different dies that perform the eight operations necessary to obtain the final shape of the three parts to be manufactured. The first two dies, shape the pipe ends to fit in among them. The other two make them flat on the ends by shaping them and punching the required hole, the two side dies and the final folding operation.
While our engineers performed the quality testing of these tools, our graphic department was preparing the literature describe the operation, maintenance and assembly of each of them so we can provide our customer with all the necessary tools for its proper use.
We value the trust that customers set on our brand to achieve their projects.

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