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Kachembo travels from Mexico to visit Nargesa

07 / Nov / 2023


This week, Kachembo has traveled from Mexico to our facilities to conduct training focused on the CNC Control Panels of the latest Nargesa machines

Kachembo SA, the exclusive distributor of Nargesa in Mexico, relocates to the Spanish company's facilities every year to explore new machine prototypes, update their skills, and strengthen their professional relationship. During their latest visit, Jaime Ivan Landin, a commercial technician at Kachembo, emphasized the importance of this collaboration for both companies: "Kachembo is located in Mexico, and we are the distributors of Nargesa in the country. Every year, we come to their facilities to see new technologies, new prototypes, maintain an effective business relationship, and gather as much information as possible for our clients. We walk hand in hand with Nargesa and hope to continue this way for a long time." This close collaboration between Kachembo and Nargesa allows both companies to provide their customers with the best industrial machinery on the market, as well as top-notch customer service.

Relationship between Kachembo and Nargesa

Kachembo makes continuous efforts to strengthen its relationship with us by conducting annual visits to our facilities. These visits not only provide an invaluable opportunity to acquire the necessary training and information but also play a crucial role in optimizing the effectiveness of the work carried out in Mexico. This annual meeting not only focuses on training but also aims to maintain close and strong business relationships, overcoming the geographical distance that separates both companies. The conduct of business training sessions between distributors and manufacturers plays a fundamental role in strengthening and optimizing the business relationship. These training sessions not only contribute to improving the technical and operational understanding of the products but also establish a solid foundation for more effective collaboration. We appreciate Kachembo's team's ongoing commitment to training, their proactivity, and their attitude, and express that at Nargesa, we look forward to sharing many more years of working together.

The CNC Control of Nargesa Machinery

Nargesa machinery is introducing the ESA S625 CNC Control Panel to its range of machinery. The future of Nargesa is moving towards the use of revolutionary innovation and Industry 4.0 technology, offering precision, regulation, and convenience for our customers. Many functions are performed automatically. Industry 4.0 technology allows for intelligent automation. You only need to input essential information, and the control takes care of programming the rest, even adjusting the folding angle precisely in degrees. Programming up to 50 different angles on the same piece provides exceptional versatility. Additionally, the ability to program new options in libraries of dies, punches, and materials provides total adaptability to changing production needs. The diagnostic capability of on-screen alarms and preventive maintenance alerts are crucial features of Industry 4.0 technology. Moreover, the possibility of remote connection by the manufacturer streamlines issue resolution and optimizes maintenance efficiency.

Nargesa Machinery at Kachembo Store

At Kachembo, they have all the Nargesa machinery available at their facilities to provide to their customers. Below is a list of all the categories of industrial machinery offered at Kachembo, along with the models available in each of these industrial machinery categories:

1. Ironworker Machines: Models of Nargesa Ironworker Machines MX700 and MX340.

2. Ring roller bender and section bending Machines: Models of Ring Roller bender and section bending machines MC150B, MC200, MC400, MC200H, MC550, and MC650 Nargesa.

3. Mandrel-less Tube and pipe Benders: Models of Mandrel-less Tube and pipe Benders CC60CNC and CC90CNC.

4. Twisting / Scroll Bending Machines: Models of Twisting Bending Machines MT550A and MT150A.

5. Horizontal Press Brakes: Model of Horizontal Press Brakes PP200CNC.

6. End Wrought Iron Machines: Models of End Wrought Iron Machines NF70 and PC16.

7. Gas Forges: Models of Gas Forges H1, H2, H3.

8. Iron Embossing Machines: Model NOA60.

9. Hydraulic Shear Machines: Models C2006CNC and C3006CNC.

10. Hydraulic Press Brakes: Models MP1500CNC and MP3003CNC.

11. Presses for locks: Model of Presses for locks PI85.

12. Broaching Machines: Model of Broaching Machine BM25.

13. Power Hammers: Model of Power Hammer MP60.

Kachembo is always willing to collaborate and share their knowledge. Their proactivity and commitment to excellence serve as an example for all of us. Thank you very much!

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